Ibiza sunset beach break & excursions.

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When you get to the port go pass all the port facilities and proceed to go outside the port to get a yellow cab, they will tell you that there are no cabs outside the port so you can ride their more expensive transportation, however there are many yellow cabs outside the port, their transportation inside the port are trolleys that you will ride along with 20 other people and they are very slow, so just go outside and get a yellow cab,,when you get to the cab tell the driver to take you to the blue reef hotel and beach club, there are a few cab drivers that are new so they might not know how to get here but it is easy, just tell them to take you to EL DOMO, we are just about 15 feet from the DOMO (FOOTBALL FIELD ) when you get here at your drop off we are about 20 feet from the drop off towards the beach, you will see all the signs that say Ibiza sunset beach club, we are the only beach club with llow beach lounge chairs you can't miss it, we are about 9 min from the port,however we will be waiting for you at the drop off with a staff member with a T-shirt with our logo, Ibiza sunset beach club, cabs are 4 usd per person... if you have any other questions please do , I will be glad to help you.

If anything changes please let me know as you know we only take 30 people and somebody else would love to have your spot. 

Regards Karla Orea Pato